About Utta Bodysculpture

Don’t think twice about what to do for summer and how to get yourself ready for the beach and hot weather. Going to the gym and working out will get your body more fit, yes perhaps, if you do the right kind of workout. However, it won’t get rid of that thigh cellulite or fat camping out on your stomach since the holidays. To really get that ultimate model body, people need to go see Utta in her own studio located in Beverly Hills.

Utta Body Sculpture is tucked away in a beautiful old brick building where celebrities and the like are constantly entering and exiting. Some of Utta’s credits have been Cameron Diaz always looking radiant and confident, Daryl Hannah’s maintenance of her beautiful long limbs, and Cher’s rockin’ bod on her concert tours. And those are just to name a few. People can see differences immediately after 1 or 2 treatments and at least a dress size in 7-10 treatments!

Utta’s magical hands approach your body and massage the fat and cellulite deposits in a way that only her hands can manage. It is a deep tissue massage that gets deep into your body, reshaping it to its original beauty. But don’t think it is just any deep tissue massage – not with her magical hands. She has her “stomach stripping” that will pinch fat off the stomach and give you better abs than any sit-ups could do. The strength of her hands will work your body and will give you those stunning legs and that taute bikini ready body – even after a baby! Yes, you can look great post-pregnancy. Utta has worked with many pregnant women for over 30 years that never got stretch marks, varicose veins, broken blood vessels, swollen achy legs or back problems all due to her treatments throughout their pregnancies.

So going to the gym every day is just as equivalent to a weekly body sculpting massage by Utta. Or do a crash session that movie stars do to prepare for a role, and get that glorious body down a size within 7-10 days by having a treatment every day. Instead of the gym you get to lay there and let her work your body into shape, and not force yourself to get on that treadmill every morning. Call to make an appointment in advance. She gets booked up for the hot seasons by pinching fat off stomachs and diminishing cellulite off those thighs. After all, Bikini vacations are rapidly approaching and we all want to look fabulous, feel fantastic and have fun with our beautiful reshaped bodies!